FuelCell Energy Wins Contract to Power Submarine Base in Groton

FuelCell Energy Wins Contract to Power Submarine Base in Groton

In what is being perceived as a major boost to the shareholders of the FuelCell Energy, Inc. and overall fuel cell market, the company has procured the contract to construct two power plants at Gorton’s submarine base. This long-term power supply agreement with the Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative, in association with Gorton Utilities, means that FuelCell Energy will install their SureSource 4000 plants and generate an output of 7.4 megawatts at the site. The execution of the contract is expected to commence by summer 2017.

FuelCell Energy Joins Hands with CMEEC

FuelCell Energy is a publicly traded company that expertise in fuel cells as well as stacks and modules of fuel cell at its manufacturing outlet at Torrington. They will be working at the new site in compliance with CMEEC, which owned by half dozen municipal utilities including Gorton Utilities, and provides power to about 100,000 residential, industrial, commercial, and small business enterprises.

Efficient Clean Energy Gaining Popularity

The demand for power is constantly increasing, but U.S. Navy has recognized the need for environment-friendly manners. According to a statement released by the office of the CEO of CMEEC, who will be working along with FuelCell Energy to meet the requirement, this agreement has been made with long-term goals in mind with environment and cost-effectiveness taken into consideration. Instead of directly investing into the project with CMEEC finances, the authorities have decided to purchase the power as it is produced. With this development, CMEEC plans to provide support to resiliency and grid independency aspired by the Department of Defense.

Fuel cell plants use hydrogen-rich fuels including natural gas to produce heat and electricity, which in turn yields no noxious emissions as no combustion takes place. FuelCell’s SureSource 4000 is the largest plant offered by the company, which is capable of producing 3.7 megawatts of clean power.

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