Full Body Scanners Market – Worldwide Industry Analysis, Size | Trends, Forecast

A full-body scanner is a specialized device which is capable of seeing through clothes and walls by creating the image of a person’s naked body without making any kind of physical contact or physically removing their clothes. Technology used in the scanner is a millimeter wave technology which is mainly responsible to see through the body.

The device in active form reflects radio waves of high frequency off the body and generates an image which enables to spot some types of objects hidden under the clothes or under any kind of cover. This technology is gaining popularity as it is quick to perform (few seconds) and does not need any personnel to actually strip search and not even touch physically.

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Adoption of such devices is increasing at airports and train stations across the globe mainly due to increasing threat of terrorism, and for aviation security. Moreover, in the U.S., a bill called the S.A.F.E.R. A.I.R. Act has been passed, that makes full-body scanners mandatory in airports. This will again boost the full body scanner market in the years to come. However, use of such machines is controversial, as it raises individual privacy issues and opponents can claim it as illegal and unreasonable, violating basic human rights. This will restrain the market growth to some extent.

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Globally, the full-body scanner market is expected to grow at a healthy growth rate due to increasing adoption of this technology in various security facilities of airports, trains stations, defense facilities etc. Moreover, the market is expected to witness various joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions between different manufacturers and technology providers. As a major section of the market is untapped, manufacturers are investing heavily into research and development and vertical integration so as to come up with new innovations and expand their market shares.

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