Future Robots Capable of Handling Ownerships and Basic Human Norms


The warm messy circle of humanity is soon to introduce artificial intelligence in the form of robots. Artificial Intelligence implanted into robots is considered as one of the greatest gifts of science to mankind. A recent development by the team of researchers at Yale University states that robotics have now been updated to a new level. This level enables robot to understand the ways and norms of the user and act accordingly. This robot can learn, represent, and have control over their ownership norms and relations. In simple terms we could say that the robot could be treated like a child. It could be taught all norms and rules that the user wants him to follow. The researchers discovered some complex challenges that is linked with teaching robots this next level intelligence.

Teaching Basic Human Principles to Robot: A Herculean Task

Since robots are becoming more prevalent by the day, it is important they should be able to communicate with the humans more appropriately and effectively. An important part of human aspect is to understand certain basic principles, both moral and social norms, and accordingly live that way. Ownership standards are set of social norms that can help the robot to navigate in environments so that the robot can considerably interact with his human. This will also allow the robot to distinguish between the tools that he owns temporarily and the ones it doesn’t.

Such smart robots are being built by the ‘My Research Lab’. Their main motto is to build easily interacting robots. The tough part is to teach machines what social concepts are and how to deal with them. The basic traditions and customs of human lifestyle and all the other things that are important for humans is being taught to robots. Looking forward to the day when robot will become human’s best friend.

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