Geogrids Market are expected to represent the highest growth rate In Global

Geogrids are geosynthetic materials used mainly in reinforcement of soils and related resources. These are mostly applicable in road and railway projects. The product type can be classified into three basic categories –

  • The homogeneous types, also called punched and drawn geogrids
  • The more flexible type – using bundles of polyethylene coated fibers
  • The laser or ultrasonically based geogrid designs.
The basic function of geogrid supplies is to ensure containment of soil in such a way that it is supported by a strong structural design.
According to geographic segmentation of this market, Europe continues to lead as an established market while Asia Pacific follows as a growing market for geogrids consumption. Countries such as Switzerland and Singapore have exhibited remarkable growth in the infrastructure sector in the past year. The U.S. economy and the North American region lag behind as does the rest of the world.
Since the majority of applications of these materials are in the infrastructure sector and as the roads and railway projects are gaining importance worldwide, the geogrids market is expected to see a positive growth in the coming years. The need of quality assured designs has led to an increased demand for various product types of Geogrid supplies.
However, the market is restricted due to patent restrictions in some areas as well as typical product specifications. The developing and under-developed nations lack in R&D expertise which restricts the scope of geogrids’ application in these nations. Challenges also exist in the form of untrained civil engineers and designers.
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On a positive side, a lot of untapped opportunities are available with the growing infrastructure demand scope. Government initiatives and incentives add to the advantage of the geogrids market. Developing countries hold immense expansion opportunities for the geogrids market. Sectors like oil, mining, and commercial industries are unfamiliar and can prove to be an opportunity for the geogrids market.
Some of the major players in the field of geogrids are Tensar International Corporation, Colbond Inc., Strata Systems Inc., and Hueskar Inc. among many others.

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