Global Hair Supplements Market Report 2017 and Future Opportunity Assessment 2027

Nutritional Supplements market is under constant revolution creating a breakthrough for many natural healthcare products, as they hold high nutritional content. With the development of functional food segment, new products have been emerged in the market that helps to stay healthy. Nutritional supplements are majorly categorised as dietary, skin and hair supplements. These supplements form important component of balanced diet. As balanced diet is the healthiest solution for all skin and hair problems as it provides balanced blend of macro as well as micro nutrients. Healthy hair growth requires a great convolution of nutrients that helps to maintain and promote the required sustenance.

As consumers are becoming personal hygiene conscious and hairs form a vital part of their personality. People across world have started using hair supplements that provides proper nourishment to hairs and thus promote healthy hair growth. Hair supplements are generally recommended by doctors, nutritionist and dermatologists, as they have the potential to boost the growth, protects the scalp and also provides strength to the hair roots. Thus minimizing the excessive hair loss. As hair supplements contains vitamin, minerals and other healthy contents they are more favoured choice of the consumer rather than scalp treatment. As hair supplements are cheaper and easily available with limited side effects.

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Global Hair Supplements Market: Drivers and Restraints

An upsurge is witnessed in the market of hair supplements. As the products that were available only in specific health stores are now widely available in pharmacy, supermarkets, among other commercial stores. Vital growth is being evident in the hair supplements market as consumers are being attracted by their nutritional benefits. Moreover, as more women are becoming major part of the workforce, they have become more self-conscious and are adopting healthy ways to nourish themselves. Thus, giving an opportunity for the market of hair supplements to bloom. Besides, men are also drifted towards personal care trend, hence the market for hair supplements is expected to record exponential growth.

However, it is important to understand that the cause of hair loss may also be due to some genetic disorders or due to deficiency of specific nutrients. Thus lack of this awareness among the consumers may lead to harmful effects of these hair supplements. This may hinder the growth of hair supplements market. Moreover, there are lack of evidence that suggest the proven result of these hair supplement. The adoption of hair supplements among the consumers may hinder, as hair supplements act slowly and their results are not visible instantly. Furthermore, certain segments of consumers are resilient to spend on hair supplements. Hence poses a major challenge for the development of hair supplement market.

Global Hair Supplement Market: Region wise Outlook

The global hair supplement market is divided into seven regions, precisely North America, ,Latin America Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ), and Japan.

Asia pacific regions are considered to hold a prominent position in hair supplements market. With increase in purchasing power of the consumers and health conscious nature, the market of hair supplements is escalating at a large scale in Asia Pacific region. North America represents the second largest market for hair supplements, as consumers are drifting towards proactive nutritional supplement products which provides a healthier options, this trend is further followed by Europe. With increase in disposable income as well as personal hygiene awareness, there is increase in popularity of the hair supplements in Latin America. Hair supplements market is expected to increase in Japan due to aging population as hair supplements prevent early hair fall and thus provides longevity to the hair growth.

Global Hair Supplements Market: Segmentation

On the basis of ingredients, global hair supplements market is segmented into:

  • Saw palmetto extract

  • Vitamin A

  • Biotin

  • Vitamin D

  • Iron

  • Folic acid

  • Niacin (vitamin b3)

  • Omega-3 fatty acids

  • Protein

  • Legumes

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Global Hair Supplements Market: Key Players

  • Nature’s Bounty, Inc.

  • Viviscal

  • Country life

  • Hairinfinity Advanced Hair Care

  • L’Oréal S.A

  • New Chapter

  • Parapharmacie Parapharmanet

  • Elvanveda, Inc.

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