Global Radio Modem Market: Companies Mentioned (B&B Electronics MFG, Autotalks Ltd., Atim Radiocommunications)

Global Radio Modem Market: Overview

The global radio modem market is predicted to attain great significance due to its role in the revolution of conventional communication means brought about by wireless communication. Radio modem surpasses expectations when it comes to data transmission. Unlike wired data transfer, there could be a faster transmission expected through a radio modem using radio waves. The logistics and transportation sectors witness several applications of radio modem such as automatic vehicle location (AVL), telemetry, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), and remote data acquisition.

As per the report, the global radio modem market could be segregated as per application, operating range, communication channel, and frequency band. The Wi-Fi frequency band is envisioned to grab a larger market share in the coming years.

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The report presented here is an intelligent compilation of important aspects that make up the global radio modem market. Each aspect is comprehensively shed light upon to provide a crystal clear picture of the market’s future.

Global Radio Modem Market: Trends and Opportunities

The world radio modem market is foreseen to gain a whole lot of momentum in its growth on account of two crucial factors, i.e. privately-owned networks and lesser infrastructure requirements. The market could gain traction on the back of the growing prominence of intelligent transportation system (ITS) that are smaller in size and cost-effective. Such systems require communications to enhance their processes. Radio modem products are anticipated to gain a handsome demand in the coming years due to a drastic advancement in technology. Moreover, the wireless nature of these products could make them even more popular in the near future.

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On the negative side, the world radio modem market could encounter a slump in its growth due to constraints such as high initial cost and the lack of the ability of radio waves to transmit bulks of data simultaneously. However, the wide availability of various types of radio modems such as those for satellites – SATEL-LP and their critical applications in emergency response are expected to create scores of prospects in the market.

Global Radio Modem Market: Geographical Analysis

Among different regions deemed important for the growth of the international radio modem market, North America is envisaged to exhibit its dominance in the foreseeable future. In North America, there could be a high requirement of an effective transportation system to be fulfilled owing to the frequent usage of heavy automobiles and four-wheelers. In the recent past, the region ranked higher for the deployment of different ITS systems.

Europe and Asia Pacific Excluding Japan (APEJ) could tread on the heels of North America in their pursuit of acquiring a decent growth in the international radio modem market. APEJ is forecast to attract growth on the back of the large electronics manufacturing hub in China. Latin America, on the other hand, could demonstrate a steady growth in the near future. However, a lower share could be secured by the Middle East and Africa (MEA) in the market.

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