Going Beyond Conventional Range of Wi-Fi Devices


A team of researchers from BYU have developed a protocol that can extend the range of Wi-Fi-enabled devices. Professionals in computer engineering at BYU came together to study the specifics of receiving and sending signals. The new technology is free of use of fresh hardware. Increasing signal range of IoT devices does not require add-on equipment. Motion detectors and door sensors are two important devices that come under the ambit of this technology. The new technology can optimize distance of these devices from a wi-fi access point. Test results show that the distance between the two ends can be as large as 60 meters.

Use of Software Technologies


One of the lead researchers states that the uniqueness of this technology lies in its software proficiency. Since no hardware is required, the technology can be initiated with a simple upgrade in software. Besides, the cost of setting up such a technology is lesser compared to hardware costs. The technology uses the hardware of the Wi-Fi setup to establish communication with the remote devices.

The protocol developed by the researchers is known as On-Off Noise Power Communication (ONPC). The supremacy of ONPC over Wi-Fi technologies has been explicitly elaborated by the researchers. While Wi-Fi requires at least one Mbps of speed, ONPC can operate on signals as weak as one bit per second. Therefore, the speed required by ONPC is around one-millionth of what Wi-Fi requires.

 Relevance of ONPC


The researchers have already flagged the intent behind developing the ONPC technology. They clearly state that their intent is not to replace long-range wireless protocols or Wi-Fi. In fact, ONPC can be used when the Wi-Fi device loses its connection. However, the researchers do believe in the viability of the technology in the long run.

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