Handheld Induction Cap Sealers Market Growth by Manufactures, Types, Applications and Regions

Packaging in today’s world demands a multi-functional approach for product design. Manufacturers are compelled to innovate in terms of product design, with an aim to reduce overall cost, and yet score high in terms of consumer acceptance and satisfaction. One of the key features that consumers consider as the criteria for product selection is safety. Growth in adoption of on-the-go lifestyle has led to growing concerns about the safety of the products. Handheld Induction cap sealers are equipment which an aluminium foil disc is sealed on the mouth of a bottle.

Handheld induction cap sealers provide accurate and economical sealing. Attributed to the robust nature of a handheld induction cap sealer, the sealing process is compatible with a wide range of settings. Handheld induction cap sealers fall behind their automated counterparts in terms of number of caps sealed per minute. However, they have high preference among the many small and medium-sized production facilities, which far outnumber the larger ones. Handheld induction cap sealers are also used in large production facilities as a backup tool. The global handheld induction caps sealers market is expected to witness moderate growth over the forecast period, and have a largely positive outlook.

The global handheld induction cap sealers market is expected to grow on the backdrop of growth in tamper evident packaging solutions. Handheld induction cap sealers are used in a wide range of industries such as the food & beverage industry, and pharmaceutical industry, among others. Handheld induction cap sealers are an ideal choice to cater to the growing demand for tamper-evident packaging solutions which prevent pilferage, enhances the shelf life of the product, and ensures maximum customer satisfaction. Global demand for tamper evident packaging is expected to grow steadily over the forecast period (2017-2025), due to various incidents in the past (The Tylenol scandal in 1982 that led to 7 fatal cases of food poisoning). This has led to panic-buying of only tamper-evident products.

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The global food & beverage packaging industry has also picked up on tamper evident packaging. The global food & beverage packaging industry is categorized by the presence of several small, medium, and large players. Therefore, handheld induction cap sealers are expected to face sizeable demand from the food & beverage packaging industry. Growing use of PET bottles for the consumption of soft drinks and bottled water is also expected to boost demand for handheld induction cap sealers over the forecast period. The growth of automated induction cap sealers might hamper the growth of the global handheld induction cap sealers market over the forecast period.

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