Harsh Weather Conditions to Elevate Food Insecurity Issues

Food Insecurity

Food scarcity is one of the biggest issues being faced by several economies across the globe. In addition to it, storage of food is considered as a major risks in most of the developing nations, owing to weather and climate extremes. Several research studies are being conducted by universities worldwide in order to curb the rising issue of food insecurity. In the last few years, climate change has affected the vulnerability of various nations due to which consumers are facing lack of nutritious, affordable, and sufficient quantity of food.

Rising Awareness of Global Warning to Help in Curbing Food Insecurity Issues

Climate change is anticipated to affect different parts of the world with droughts and heavy rainfall. And this can lead to an increase vulnerability of food insecurity. The rising rainfall can also lead to low production of food resulting in food scarcity and huge amount of wastage. Researchers across the globe are making efforts to find out ways which will help in controlling the rising concerns of global warming.

According to the research study conducted by the University of Exeter, developing nations are expected to face harsh conditions in the next few years. The poor and unhygienic storage facilities and inadequate resources to control climatic conditions are expected to surge the issue of food insecurity in the near future. However, with the growing awareness among consumers regarding the increasing global warming is predicted to bring new hope. The key areas that are expected to face severe conditions of food insecurity are South America, Southern Africa, and several nations of Asia Pacific.

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