Huawei Marine and Tropical Science Start Work on PEACE Submarine Cable

Huawei Marine and Tropical Science Start Work on PEACE Submarine Cable

Huawei Marine has recently begun working on desk survey and marine survey work in collaboration with investor Tropic Science Co., Ltd. for the construction of the submarine cable connecting South Asia (Pakistan) with East Africa. The project is named PEACE, short for Pakistan East Africa Cable Express. The project is expected to be completed by the fourth quarter of 2019.

Length-wise, the project will be over 13,000 km and will connect Pakistan with Djibouti and Kenya, with a southern expansion connecting Kenya with South Africa and a northern expansion connecting the project with Egypt. The project will allow connectivity between Pakistan and China through the existing networks and help develop the shortest route between China and Europe through Africa.

This design can significantly reduce the existing network lengths by as much as 50%. When completed, this network topology is expected to provide a diverse and highly cost-effective route for the heightening demand for capacity between Europe, Africa, and Asia. Tropic Science Co., Ltd. believes that the capacity in the African market is more attractive than in several other regions as the region’s networks are rapidly developing and the number of internet users in the region is expanding at an extraordinary pace. Owing to this, the developments aimed at the strengthening of the telecom sector, such as the development of this international information network, are expected to become keys enabler of not only the telecommunication industry but also the economic and social development of the East Africa region in the next few years.

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