Imaging Technique to offer Industrial Insights into Fuel Cells

Fuel Cells

Substances with hydrogen are critical for industries. They are prominent source of energy and thus have important applications. As a result, scientists have studied how hydrogen behaves in different substances. Further, they observed how the element behaves in different forms of water – liquid, supercooled, and frozen. The aim of the research to understand the application of hydrogen for eco-friendly fuel cells.

Further, the researchers claim that they have not restricted their research to just fuel cells. They say that many components or chemicals used in the chemical industry like electrolytes or redox flow cells.



When water is cooled below zero degree celsius, it does not always form ice. Further, it can achieve a liquid state called supercooled liquid. This is found in polymer electrolyte fuel cells. Researchers say that the freezing and resultant expansion of volume causes damage. As a result, there is potential interest among users for this.

To understand the behavior, researchers used neutron beams to study the inside of an aluminum walled calibration cell. Further, they observed that the neutron beams hit the hydrogen atom of the water molecules and reflected in a similar pattern. This is quite similar to that of X-ray when they hit the bone and reflect to form images.

Earlier, the scientists had demonstrated the possible use of supercooled liquid or ice or imaging purposes. Further, they claim to have refined this process.

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