Industrial Trays Market -Key Players are Parmar Industries, Engineered Component & Packaging, LLC., Vel Pack Industries

Industrial Trays Market: Introduction:

With regards to the modernization of technology and machinery, the need for convenient storage and handling of raw, semi-finished and finished materials have elevated. These conditions have led to innovation in the design of packaging of industrial trays across the leading global manufacturers. Over half of the application use of industrial trays are from work-in-progress component across automobile, general industries, and electronic component manufacturers. Manufacturers of industrial trays have taken into consideration the need for secure transportation and using barrier material such as CPET, APET, RPET, Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS) which has extended the shelf-life of the product. Moreover, leading producer of industrial trays is taking into consideration the aseptic manufacturing process which prevents crystallization and ensures the product remains sterile without the need for refrigeration, eventually increasing the products self-life.

One of the driving factors of industrial trays are ESD trays which are anti-static, such trays prevent electrical component, and semi-conductor parts from static electricity damage during storage and handling. Also, a noticeable factor is that the global tray packaging market is witnessing a double digit growth rate across the North America and Asia-Pacific market, these regions is further anticipated to remain dominant over the forecast period.

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Dunnage industrial trays are in high demand due to distribution efficiency provided to O.E.M manufacturers which render smooth handling of WIP components. Such trays are manufactured using sustainable materials which ensure easy integration with the existing system line, thus reducing the cost and increasing efficiency. Industrial trays ensure the products are stored efficiently which minimum space usage, thus saving an immense logistic cost of O.E.M manufacturers.

Also, some of the global leading industrial trays manufacturers are focusing on research and development to manufacture automated self-locking trays which further ease the process of loading and unloading of product, eventually rendering easy tracking and movement of goods. Moreover, with increasing growth of food, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing industry the demand has subsequently surged across industrial trays packaging market.

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