Introducing Parker’s Hybrid Solar Actuation Systems


A new hybrid design in solar linear actuation by optimizing the best features of conventional technologies has been introduced by the Cylinder division of Parker. This system combines controllability of electromechanical actuators with the resistive force capabilities, longer life, and power density of conventional hydraulic systems. The resultant hybrid solar actuation systems are a hybrid one, with robust tracking solution, which has a long life. These systems also work for wind, hydro, and other renewable energy sources. In addition to these, they also have fossil fuel applications.

Parker’s hybrid solar actuation systems are low in cost and offers ease of maintenance. It is a durable choice for both small and large arrays. The hybrid hydraulics can achieve high economies of scale and have the ability to move over a megawatt from a single point. Serviceability is built into its design and thus, the system can be serviced on site with a simple line of use replacement, enabling quick change out in the field. Parker’s hybrid solar actuation systems are available with DC and AC supply voltages, featuring two-wire operation.

The system has advanced sensor abilities which is an added benefit and can be configured for absolute positioning, diagnostic monitoring, and universal tilt positioning, by integrating with advanced sensors. Cylinder feedback installation is virtually plug-and-play thanks to integrating advanced cloud-based and wireless sensors directly into the new the system. These systems are engineered to sustain in harsh conditions and give optimal performance in any kind of environment.

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