Introduction of Advanced Electric Cars by Kalashnikov

Electric Cars

Electric cars have been the talk of the town for quite some time now, and the masses are eagerly anticipating the introduction of advanced electric cars that are affordable and effective in the long run. As a welcome news to these people and the propagators of environmental preservation, the Russian manufacturer of arms, Kalashnikov has unveiled its new model of electric cars. The design of this new model by Kalashnikov is a near replica of Izh-Kombi, a car that was quite popular in the 1970s, and is projected to give tough competition to Elon Musk’s Tesla. Kalashnikov is primarily known for manufacturing AK-47 machine guns, and the company introduced its new car at an auto expo based away from Moscow.

 Concept of Electric Supercar

The manufacturing strategy and plans revealed by Kalashnikov show that the company has reinvented the concept of supercars. They have introduced a revolutionary inverter for charging the vehicle that has the capacity to run for 350 kilometres in a single charge. The company’s website asserts that our concept of an electric supercar would help us in giving tough competition to the top manufacturers of electric vehicles across the globe.

Expansion by Kalashnikov

The company has been on the lookout for establishing its brand presence by venturing into new realms and industries. It recently launched its clothing line that has been doing quite well on the regional front. Although the entry of Kalashnikov into the electric cars market was preceded by mixed reactions from stakeholders, the company is projected to focus on sustaining in the market.

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