Invention of a New System to Reduce the Harmful Effects of Landfills


Watershed Solar Development has come into existence to offer brownfield solar energy and innovative landfill solutions for sites incorporated with ClosureTurf. Watershed Geo holds patent of this engineered system of geosynthetic turf closure.


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has already adopted ClosureTurf, which is now the new norm for environmental performance. Meanwhile, EPA has adopted it to do away with Superfund sites, which has for long plagued the system with usual landfill issues and designs of brownfield closure. It also serves as the ideal platform for solar energy systems as it removes erosion and vegetative maintenance. It also eliminates associated cost and risk.


Solar Energy Integrated with Closer Turf to Offer High Quality and Low Price Solutions

So far, ClosureTurf is set up effectively and safely at more than 80 sites. It has diminished the environmental impact of brownfields and landfills all over the U.S. Many of these setups have seen historic and significant weather events like snowstorms, tropical storms, and hurricanes. 


Mississippi Phosphates Corporation EPA Superfund site at Pascagoula, Mississippi recently adopted ClosureTurf for the closure of a 250-acre landfill site. Federally protected and unspoilt estuaries surround the said site. 


Watershed Solar Development has obtained the license and nationwide authority from Watershed Geosynthetics to develop and set up solar energy systems on ClosureTurf. The former also receives authorization and licensing from the latter to install and market PowerCap. The owner and operators of ClosureTurf have some respite, at last. They are thankful for the expertise on solar energy by ISM Solar Development and geotechnical engineering offered by Watershed Geosynthetics. 


The company makes the strategy of “Do No Harm” a priority to warrant the performance and long-term integrity of ClosureTurf. Integration of solar maintenance with ClosureTurf offers risk management, quality assurance, and most financial benefits for customers. Watershed Solar Development is poised for success with several brownfield and industrial landfill projects coming it’s way.

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