Largest Lithium Battery Storage to Transform Australia’s Energy Future

Largest Lithium Battery Storage to Transform Australia’s Energy Future

World’s largest lithium ion battery will be set up in South Australia by the fall of year 2017. This will not only transform and speed up reliable renewable energy in the country but will also have a global impact. French energy group Neoen and billionaire Elon Musk’s Tesla have teamed up under an agreement with the government of South Australia to install this battery. The lithium ion battery will be more three times more powerful than any other battery system around the world and will be used to provide energy support to power grids during shortfall of energy supply and also to provide stability to the entire network.

For this energy project the Government of South Australia is mentored by Aurecon. The company is acting as the specialist and technical advisor to the government and is helping the government across all platforms of the program including supplying power contracts, emergency gas generator, and 100 MW battery. Aurecon is backed by the Government of South Australia to engage with various stakeholders like the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) and South Australian distribution and transmission network service providers so as to identify and instruct on the matters of power grid connections and registrations.

Hard Work of Aurecon Paves Way for Renewable Energy Resource

The announcement of installation of the world’s largest lithium ion grid connected battery system is a result of three months of immense hard work by Aurecon. The company evaluated and shortlisted the interested submissions for the plan, developed functional and technical requirements for the system, negotiated contracts with the selected parties. It played a key role in engineering and advising the energy sector of Australia to set up this program.

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