Laser Defense Eyewear Market: North America had the highest market revenue share followed by Europe and Asia Pacific


LPE glasses are used to safeguard the eyes from impairmentaffected by invisible and visible wavelengths of laser beams. These glasses are similar to common lenses or goggles that are integrated into a protective eyewear. LPEs permit thelaser lights as well as intra-beam viewing of lasers with less power. The LPEs helps in filtering out the uni-frequency laser rays and avoid eye damage.

Recent Trend in the Industry

One of the important trend in the laser defense eyewear market is the incorporation of LPE in helmet for the growth of the market. Protection of civilians and war fighting are made more effective by engaging superior strategies coupled with modern technologies and ingenious tactics. Most countries military operations depends considerably on their advanced weapons thus making them important elements of future and current military operational plans. Though these developments improve combat effectiveness, the success of a military campaign still pivots upon the defense and proficiency strategies of the armed troops. Another important trend is the emergence of comfortable and stylish eyewear for the defense personnels.

Market Drivers

The laser defense eyewear market is primarily driven by the higher use of these eyewear in the industrial area. In the industrial arena different harmful waves emit from the machines that cause damage to the eyes. Use of these eyewear helps the workers protect their eyes from being damaged.

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Factors Challenging to Growth

Low grade commercial LPEs is one of the major restraints in the global laser defense eyewear market. Due to the low price LPEs, higher end laser defense eyewear sales is hindered which is likely to have a medium impact during the forecast period.


The market based on application is bifurcated into civil and military. The military segment leads the laser defense eyewear market and engaged more than sixty percent of the total market shares in 2016. The advent of innovative laser weapons likepulsed energy projectile and personal halting and stimulation response rifle for enhanced battlefield strategies, is likely to subsidize to the positive development of this segment in the upcoming years.

Regional Analysis

The geographical split of the global laser defense eyewear market includes North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa and Latin America.

North America had the highest market revenue share in 2016 followed by Europe and Asia Pacific. Asia Pacific is likely to be one of the fastest growing market for laser defense eyewear market during the forecast period. Substantial progresses by Japan and China in manufacturing high-energy, solid-state laser weapon is one of the factor bolstering the demand of laser defense eyewear in this region. The enormous progress of laser weapons for the law enforcement personnel, police and armed troops will fuel the demand prospects for the market in Asia Pacific region.

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Key Players

Some of the major players in the global laser defense eyewear market include Gentex, Honeywell, Perri Quest, Revision Military, ESS, Metamaterial Technologies Inc. and NoIR Laser Shields among others.

In an intensely challenging scenario, the global laser defense eyewear market includes both small- and mid-sized vendors and international companies who are concentrating towards developing high-quality and cost-effective LPEs that are armed with the modern technologies.Most of the manufacturers in this market contend with the international players in terms of product quality, cost, aftermarket services and reliability. Upsurge in acquisitions and mergers have amplified collaboration with associated partners across the world is likely to boost the global laser defense eyewear market during the forecast period.

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