Lithium-Air Batteries will Power Future Cars, Houses

Lithium-Air Batteries

Lithium-air batteries run on ambient oxygen. It is an eco-friendly and sustainable way to store energy. Hence, they are a good source of power for electric vehicles, houses, and industries of the future.

Present lithium-ion battery will not be able to handle the coming decades’ huge demand for energy. Moreover, by 2050, electricity will make up 50% of the world’s energy mix, while today that rate is 18%. However, installed capacity for renewable energy production could increase fourfold. For this, more efficient, cheaper, and eco-friendly batteries will be in use.

Potential Storage for Power 

Researchers at University of Campinas in Brazil say that one of the alternatives for storing energy is lithium-air battery. It is presently in use only on a laboratory scale and uses ambient oxygen as a reagent. Further, the battery stores additional energy through an electrochemical reaction that results in the formation of lithium oxide.

A professor at the University of Campinas says that lithium-air batteries are sustainable way to store electrical energy. To add, with advancement in technology it can support numerous discharge/charge cycles. Further, it has great potential for use in transportation, in light and heavy vehicles. It can also work in electric power distribution networks. He also stated that some of the phenomena need to be observed in real time.

There will be scenarios when the use of solar energy will increase and for this batteries with better efficiency will be the need. Upon collection of solar energy, these batteries will facilitate storage to power equipment in the night.

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