Massachusetts DoER Starts off on New Energy Storage Target

Massachusetts DoER Starts off on New Energy Storage Target

The Department of Energy Resources over in Massachusetts has established a new target for itself in energy storage – to reach 200-MWh energy storage level by 2020, applicable for the state. The Energy Storage Initiative from the governor has committed US$10 mn for taking a look at the methods in which the state can sustain the growth of energy storage companies, as well as proposing new policies that will further encourage better storage deployment strategies.

Commonwealth Investments to Help Energy Storage Shine

The Commonwealth has consistently made record investments into the renewable energy industry, as well as the development of energy storage technologies, which is expected to play a key role in enhancing the effectiveness of renewable energy generation, according to Governor Charlie Baker from a statement he made earlier. He added that the new target being set, after tying it up with the Energy Storage Initiative, will likely result in the industries within the state to ramp up their efforts in devising the most efficient methods of energy storage deployment. The new developments will fall directly in favor with the ratepayers in the state of Massachusetts.

Flexible Goals Maintained

As mentioned earlier by the governor’s office, the new targets are likely to be kept flexible in order for Massachusetts’ distribution companies to classify the most efficient applications as well as the most suitable locations for energy storage strategies to be implemented. This includes applications in both front of meter as well as back of the meter.

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