Mozilla to Launch New Browser Fenix for Android OS


Mozilla, the creator of Open source browser Firefox, to develop a new browser which is based on Android operating system, reports Android Headlines on Sunday. The new browser named Fenix is targeted towards the tech-savvy youngsters, who are always online and browse the internet mostly through their android smartphones. It is believed that the Mozilla contributors were more focused and active on the project since June reported GitHub’s version history overview.

Mozilla founded by the members of Netscape, the open source software company, in 1998, now has three top notch browsers which are dominating the browsing market in their own category. Mozilla’s Firefox, which is called the company’s flagship and recommended by millions is still counted among top three browsers in the world, for more secured browsing, Mozilla has “Firefox Nightly” and “Firefox Focus”.

Developing a new browser for Android market despite the fact that Firefox having download over 100 million, is yet to be answered from the developers’ side. Fenix developers are yet to put forward the reason behind the development of a new browser and cut away the air of mystery that surrounds the organization.

Last month Mozilla was said to working on a browser which is completely operated by voice. “Scout”, which doesn’t require any mouse or keyboard to operate will completely rely on user’s voice to surf the internet. Once a sci-fi idea of controlling electronics devices, is now turning out to be true as we step towards digitization.

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