New Alternative Found for Carbon Monoxide Neutralization by NITech

Carbon Monoxide

A new technique has been developed by researchers at the Nagoya Institute of Technology (NITech) to neutralize carbon monoxide. This new technology utilizes raspberry-shaped nanoparticles in the form of an alternative to other traditionally processes used to achieve neutralization.

More Insights into the Raspberry Shaped Nanoparticles

In order to neutralize carbon monoxide, a noble metal is required to convert the carbon dioxide, thereby making it dissipate into the atmosphere. The noble metal ensures that the structural stability at different temperatures. However, this processes is highly expensive and is not available for disposal in most regions around the globe.

Now, scientists have developed a new method by which the same oxidation processes facilitated by noble metals can be achieved through raspberry-shaped nanoparticles. These nano-devices help carbon monoxide gain an extra oxygen atom, through this neutralization. The study is headed by Teruaki Fuchigami, PhD, who is an assistant professor in the Department of Life Science and Applied Chemistry at NITech. According to the assistant professor in a statement, the raspberry-shaped nano-particles can be used to achieve extensive structural stability and high reactivity, on a single nano-scale surface structure.

One single particle can oxidize carbon monoxide, and will ultimately join other simple particles. The catalytic nanoparticles designed on a single nano-scale and complex 3D structures can help achieve structural stability as well as high catalytic activity, as per the study. However, these particles might be difficult to produce using conventional methods. The researchers involved in the study were able to control the size of the particles along with how they were assembled together by using cobalt oxide nanoparticles. This noble metal alternative is now known to facilitate efficient oxidation, thereby making it important to harness its usefulness in a commercial manner. The researchers plan to continue studies in this topic with hopes of enabling precise control of the design aspect of nanomaterials, including their size and morphology.

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