New Compact Transformers Developed at ETH Zurich

Compact Transformers

Transformers have stayed at the helm of development within the electronics and semiconductor industry and are an important component across several industrial processes. A new development at ETH Zurich has paved way for a new breed of compact transformers that are extremely efficient and compact, thus, giving an impetus to the domain of advanced semiconductor technology. These transformers are expected to open new avenues for fast-charging of stations, advancements in locomotives, development of data centers, and enunciation of power grids. The transformer, developed by engineers at ETH Zurich, swiftly transforms medium voltage into low voltage which speaks of its uniqueness and efficiency.

Properties of New Compact Transformers

The new transformer developed at ETH Zurich is smaller in size than the conventional transformers, and this allows for the use of these transformers in areas where there is less space or low-weight bearing capacity. Furthermore, the new transformers are projected to be extremely useful in rail locomotives due to the advanced features of these transformers. The small size of transformer is due to the presence of a front-end converter that helps in increasing the frequency of alternating current. Another converter is installed to bring the frequency to the levels desired by the end process or device.

Plans and Programs

The research conducted by the engineers at ETH Zurich was a part of “Energy Turnaround”- a Swiss National Research Program. The country is planning to deploy smart energy technologies across all its industries by 2050, and the advent of the new compact transformers is projected to aid this vision rolled out by the government.

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