New Inner-Flame Stoves for Cooking in Windy Climates

Inner-Flame Stoves

A team of researchers and students at ETH Zurich have successfully invented a new type of stove – Inner-Flame Stoves, that could help in cooking even as the winds blow around the stove. The flame of traditional stoves blows out when the winds are too intense and there is a loss of tremendous amount of energy. Hence, the new type of stoves developed through additive manufacturing is expected to be welcomed by people who wish to camp in mountainous regions or other windy areas. The gas burner of the new Inner-Flame Stoves is enclosed inside a kettle-shaped outer wall, thus, preventing the winds from disturbing the flame.

Geometry of Inner-Flame Stoves

The contact area between the vessel and the flame is maximized by using rippling the walls of the gas burner. This is expected to make the new stoves extremely efficient in terms of their energy usage and productivity. The airflow within the stove is enhanced with the help of special gas nozzles, and this in turn increases the efficiency of the stove. The students travelled to one of the highest mountain ranges in North Eastern Switzerland to test the effectiveness of the new stove developed by them. The students stated that despite the strong winds, their new stove could easily heat water.

Design and Prototype

The researchers used the technique of additive manufacturing that gave them enough freedom with casting of metals and other processes. The students and researchers won a prize for the design of their stove at the 3-D Pioneers Challenge Competition.

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