New Photovoltaic Silicon Modules Based on Silicon to Glut Markets

Silicon Modules

A research conducted at Arizona State University in the field of solar energy revealed the possibility of producing electricity by harnessing the energy produced by tandem photovoltaic cells based on silicon. The new photovoltaic Silicon Modules cells are projected to be much more efficient in producing electricity as against the current cells, and the former are soon expected to glut the US markets. A research paper that compares the costs and subsequent energy capacity of solar technologies was published in Nature Energy. The energy department in the US initiated a project in 2011 with the aim of producing energy at viable costs by 2020. The initiative has done extremely well by meeting its $0.06 per kilowatt-hour energy production goal three years prior to the actual date. Furthermore, if the projects progresses at the same pace, it is projected to triple the amount of solar energy produced in the US by 2030.

Tandem Modules Outdo Silicon Modules

Tandem Modules have also proved to be extremely useful for the solar energy sector. The current silicon modules are expected to be outdone by the tandem modules due to the efficiency of the latter in producing electricity. While the efficiency of silicon modules is estimated to be 22% of the total energy consumed, the tandem modules are 33% in producing electricity. However, the estimation has been done while assuming that the total life, costs, and degradation rate of tandem modules is same as that of silicon modules.

Future Research

The researchers and scientists involved in the project stated that their previous research has given them an idea about the technological genetics of tandems. Hence, the current study is a launch pad to harness tandems as an efficient tool for producing solar energy over the coming years.

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