New Strategy Developed by Researchers to Generate More Energy from Wind

Wind Farms

A researchers team from the University of Texas have developed an innovative way for extraction comparatively more Energy from wind. This approach is expected to generate potential opportunities to increase the generation of wind power long with a significant rise in revenue. The numerical simulations that were performed at the Texas Advanced Computing Center is projected to witness an increase of up to six to seven percent.

According to these researchers, if one percent development is applied to each and every wind farm across the nation, then it will generate around $100 million in value. With this new approach, approximately $600 million can be added in wind power in the nation in the near future.

In 2016, wind provided around 5.6% of the overall electricity produced, which is around two times than the energy generated by wind in 2010. As of now, as per the researchers, every two and a half hours, a new wind turbine is expected to rise in the U.S., and still holds enough growth potential in the next few years.

The research has allowed to optimize the production of wind energy power and the rise in the penetration of renewable energy in the grid. In addition, it has been stated by the researchers that there will be more power generated by using the same machines. This can be achieved as we understand more regarding the concept of flow physics in a wind farm, and that too for the same land deployment and use. Thus, more energy can be generated in less time.

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