New UAV by Delair to Feature Integrated Camera and LiDAR Sensors

New UAV by Delair to Feature Integrated Camera and LiDAR Sensors

Delair has recently introduced an updated version of its high performance unmanned aerial vehicle Delair DT26X LiDAR, the first UAV of its kind to have accurate LiDAR (Light Distance and Ranging) sensing functionality combined with an integrated camera that features a high resolution red, green, blue color image acquisition capability. The details of the new model were revealed at the International Lidar Mapping Forum that was recently held in Denver.

The technologically advanced model features increased efficiency, precision, 3D mapping, and economical surveying and is ideally suited for applications such as power line inspection. LiDAR in aerial machines enables highly accurate and detailed assemblage of elevation data of the ground, even in the cases the area is large and vegetated. Typically, such surveys are performed with the help of either high expensive manned aircrafts or specialized and single purpose platforms. Surveys involving such modes also entail long lead times.

On the other hand, camera-enabled drones can also collect imagery thus augmenting the LiDAR-based UAVs. So unlike earlier instances, wherein a fleet of UAVs with LiDAR and RGB cameras separately were used for a project, the Delair DT26X LiDAR provides a combined payload of integrated camera and a lightweight sensor, allowing the collection of LiDAR and photographs in a single flight. This can dramatically bring down the overall cost and provides detailed digital data of the area under inspection.

The LiDAR sensor in the new UAV has been designed specifically for the UAV, which adds only a little weight to its frame. The smart RGB camera integrated in the UAV allows for in-flight photo review, automated quality checks, and real-time control of the camera sensor. The flying time of the UAV is around 100 minutes, which can allow coverage of nearly 2,400 square acres of land and features a communication range of 30 kms.

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