Next-Generation Water Harvesting Technology to Draw Water from Air in Deserts

Water Harvesting Technology

A newest prototype have been developed with which the water is harvested from air without any power other than sunlight. Thin initiative was taken by a team from Berkeley, University of California in Arizona Desert. In this Water Harvesting Technology a water harvester was used to extract drinkable water either in day or night at a very low humidity and in a cost-effective manner, helping to resolve water scarcity in arid regions.

Omar Yaghi, who invented this concept of water extraction from air affirmed that Water Harvesting Technology also works in ambient temperature and sunlight without using any other source of light and energy. Its trail revealed that it works in varied humid areas, where in Scottsdale the humidity in night reaches up to 40 percent and in day it reaches up to 8 percent the harvesters can simply scale up by adding more the water absorber. To increase the water extraction they need a metal –organic framework which is a highly porous material. By using MOF (meta-organic framework) one can extract about 200 milliliters (7 ounces) of water per kilograms (2.2 pounds) of MOF, as it is made from expensive metal zirconium.

Yaghi has also claimed that he has created a new MOF based aluminum known as MOF-303, which is 150 times cheaper and is able to extract twice the amount of water in the lab test. This will be termed as a new generation of harvesting techniques which will extract water up to 400ml (3 Cups) per day from a kilogram of MOF.

With technologies developing like this there are many start-ups interested in engaging and developing a commercial water harvesting devices. There is an immense need for this Water Harvesting Technology, because its way to cheaper.

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