No Difference in Brains of Boys and Girls, Says a New Study


A team of researchers led by Jessica Cantlon put forward the result of their study. The focus of the study was to calculate the efficiency of the brains of boys and girls. It was a common stereotype that women were not as good as men in the field of science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM). However, the research the team at Mellon University proves that men and women have similar brains and are equally capable of excelling in STEM. 

The study comprehensively studied the brains of young boys and girls via analyzing the results of their aptitude. The results of the study showed that there is no difference in the thought processing between both genders. They both produce equally efficient answers to the questions put in front of them in subjects such as mathematics and science. 

How were the Results Help the Researchers?

Cantlon and her team started their research by neuroimaging the brains of 103 children including 55 girls. Each of the pupils was to watch an educational video including some mathematics questions. Once the video was over, they were to answer some questions based on the video. The results were then compared between boys and girls. The results including the scan and answers to the questioners evidently state that both boys and girls have similar efficiency of the brain. Moreover, the brain maturity of the children was further compared to that of adults which clears the misconception even better. 

According to Cantlon, science does not differentiate on the basis of gender. One has to have the aptitude to solve the mysteries science puts forward. Both male and female brains are capable enough to solve the riddles of science and bring answers to the world. After all, males and females are that different. She also states that if a female candidate is not able to do well in STEM, it is due to the social and cultural differences. After all, children learn what they see.

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