Novel Crowd Funding Platform for Renewable Energy Unveiled

Novel Crowd Funding Platform for Renewable Energy Unveiled

Over these years, there has always been a long debate of how to save energy and have a sustainable funding option for exploiting renewable energy sources. The hunt for more practical sources of renewable energy is more important now than ever. But has never been easy for those companies and startups to fund their projects that are aimed to find and then refine the renewable sources of energy. The most difficult job for any business to flourish is sourcing finance, no matter how sustainable and ethical your business and project may be. Amongst all this struggle, Mongoose Energy has come up with an idea to aid all the organizations looking to fund their green energy projects.

What is the plan of the company?

The company believes that it will be relatively easier to grow and innovate when they host their own platform for crowd funding. The crowd funding platform of the company is known as Mongoose Crowd. The platform has been built entire to help the companies who are designing, developing, and building sources of renewable energy. The CEO of Mongoose Energy, Mark Kenber revealed that this idea dawned on them we they realized that in the United Kingdom there was no devoted and FCA regulated platform for crowd funding. Till now, Mongoose Energy only raised funding for community projects which were on third party platforms but hosting a personal crowd funding platform will offer more investors a broad portfolio of different projects to finance.

This step is expected fuel the future of renewable energy sources and the companies who are venturing into this sector.

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