Offshore Wind Executive Summit Focuses on Opportunities for Oil and Gas Firms

Offshore Wind Executive Summit Focuses on Opportunities for Oil and Gas Firms

A summit was planned last week for Offshore Wind Executive, where the end goal was to  focus on the  offshore wind business openings that offshore oil and gas chain firms could exploit, it was clear amid the meeting that the US offshore oil and gas firms have a great deal to instruct offshore wind.

To begin with, as indicated by Randall Luthi, leader of the National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA), on the public relations front, offshore oil and gas has a great deal of experience managing restriction and instructing the general population about the significance of the service being provided. Luthi also pointed out towards the other technologies that offshore oil and gas has worked upon and have mastered to gain profit for the shareholders. Moreover, he stated the importance of deep-water technology and how it can benefit the wind industry. He also talked about tiebacks and cabling systems, and explained their advantages if used wisely in both the industries.

CEO and Marketing Director to Discuss About Reducing Offshore Maintenance Cost

The marketing director for Bentley Systems, Anne-Marrie Walters, and the advisory member of the summit confessed that she was really intrigued by the number of people representing innovative firms from the oil and gas sector, who were excited to learn about the opportunities in the wind industry. They were also eager to find out about renewable energy industry and the way through which they could share their ideas and technologies with offshore wind companies. Walters also said that discussions are being carried out with the CEO in order to reduce the expenses for offshore maintenance to a large extent.

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