Openreach and Huawei Successfully Test PON Prototype for 5G Speeds

Openreach and Huawei Successfully Test PON Prototype for 5G Speeds

25G/100G symmetric PON prototype have been tested by Openreach and Huawei to get ready for 5G speeds along with managing network requirements for ultra-high definition (UHD) video streaming and big-value business leased lines. This technology will allow operators to boost bandwidth and speeds of the current network infrastructure. The prototype tested supports a lone channel of 25 GB/s along with two to four network channels for mobile backhaul and business services. Openreach tested the prototype in their lab where the results showed four channels that delivered maximum balanced bandwidth of 100GB/s

The 25G/100G symmetric PON prototype developed by Huawei is based on the commercially operated optical line terminal (OLT) MA5800. While setting up the symmetric PON prototype, currently established optical distribution network (ODN) framework can be used again for overseeing smooth evolution and protect the investments.

What does Successful Test Results Mean for Openreach and Huawei?

Positive test results achieved in Openreach labs has led the company to target deliver services with faster speeds and higher bandwidths with the help of their strong fiber networks. The company aims to unlock a larger potential for the broadband systems and keep up the advanced networks to fulfill users’ requirements in the future.

Successful tests on the symmetric 25G/100G PON prototype indicates Huawei’s ability to cope with large broadband services required in the future. The company intends to work with its industry partners to advocate the integration of this next-generation symmetric PON across the market and wants to establish similar systems and standards are deployed for optical access networks. The company is the global leader in providing ultra-broadband (UBB) services and will continue its dominance in the UBB industry.

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