Organic Protein Market Study Offers Deep Analysis On Present As Well As Future State Of The Industry

The global organic protein market has risen on the back of the growing awareness that it is more nutritious than grain fed protein since it contains more omega 3 fatty acids. Further, organic protein is richer in conjugated linoleic acid that serves to cut down fat. This makes it more functional than the conventional protein. The different types of organic proteins available in the market are casein, whey, and milk protein.

Organic protein is sourced from dairy cows that have a complete organic diet. Organic certification for livestock requires farmers to meet strict rules and regulations imposed by regulatory bodies. These strict regulations have resulted in an increasing consumer confidence towards the authenticity of organic protein, especially in the developed economies such as Western Europe and North America as the Organic protein is gaining traction in these markets and to cater the increasing demand, many key players are including the Organic protein product in their product portfolio.

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Going forward, these are some of the crucial trends that are expected to shape the dynamics of the global organic proteins market:

  • Continued efforts by manufacturers to produce organic proteins from innovative sources. First there was organic proteins from organic peas, quinoa, and hemp. Now there are four legged creatures called cricket. Yes, now certified organic cricket flour are seen on shelves in Australia, North America, and elsewhere. Those are being marketed as a protein rich energy source.

  • To improve sales, manufacturers and distributors in the global organic proteins market are coming up with better versions of their products in the form of sports supplements, ready-to-drink, nutritional bars, and others. Sports supplements, of them, is proving to be a major revenue generator in the global organic proteins market. This is because organic protein powders and ready-to-drink products is the most efficient way to ingest nutrients to build muscles. It is a much less laborious alternative to the paleo meal.

  • With a rising tribe of informed consumers who carefully read labels on products for phrases such as “no hormones,” “grass-fed,” “no antibiotics,” “organic,” and others, vendors in the global organic proteins market are increasingly trying to come up with better products. This trend is more prevalent in the developed regions such as Europe and North America, two of the regions where the organic proteins market has flourished. Going forward, vendors are predicted to place special emphasis on such clean labels.

  • Besides, doctors too are recommending organic proteins for their effectiveness in battling obesity. This is also filliping product sales in the global organic protein market.

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  • The global organic protein market will also likely receive an impetus from animal welfare committees and government bodies pushing for more humane breeding of livestock and sanitary conditions for them. This however, also leads to higher priced products since the cost of raising livestock in good condition is naturally higher. This has also led to higher demand for plant based organic proteins such as pea, soy, rice, and quinoa.

  • The Asia Pacific organic protein market is gradually catching up to the developed markets in North America and Europe. Currently, the region mostly imports from other nations since most consumers are still cost conscious and are not quite aware of the benefits of organic proteins.

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