Organic Waste can be used for Producing Power Resources, States New Study

Organic Waste can be used for Producing Power Resources, States New Study

A study led by Uisung Lee of the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory found that various organic wastes such as wood, food, paper, and yard trimmings, which emits significant amount of methane per year in the United States, could be efficiently used for producing liquid fuels and renewable natural gases such as diesel and gasoline. Published in the Cleaner Production Journal, this study has a motive of helping environment with signifying some waste-to-energy production ways while reducing air pollutants and methane emissions.

The benefits of waste-to-energy technologies

Author of this study and a postdoctoral appointee in Argonne’s Energy Systems Division, Lee shared that this paper shares the importance of using landfill waste to produce fuel instead of letting them decay. This report introduces various ways that can be allot us with potential power resources and additionally help to reduce methane emissions. The concentration of methane in the landfill gas impacts global warming 30 times more than carbon dioxide. Furthermore, various ways that are used for minimizing the impact of methane on environment cannot efficiently control these emissions. Hence, there was a need for finding a better way of eliminating municipal waste.

There are various ways of producing fuel by using municipal waste that include thermochemical ways, such as hydrothermal liquefaction, pyrolysis, and gasification and biochemical ways, such as fermentation and anaerobic digestion, and thermochemical. From these process, various types of energy products can be produced that include hydrocarbon fuels such as jet fuel, diesel, and gasoline and other fuels such as bio-oil, bio-char, and renewable natural gas.

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