Pet Dietary Supplements Market- Key Players are Nestlé Purina Pet Care, VetriScience Laboratories, NOW Foods, Novotech Neutraceuticals, Virbac, Ark Naturals

Pet supplements are primarily used for dogs and cats horse, birds, small mammals, and herptiles (reptiles and amphibians). Pet dietary supplements for coat and skin are generally made from with essential fatty acids such as omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9; vitamins; and minerals. These dietary supplements supply nourishment to the cells of the skin and coat. With rising awareness regarding the increasing joint related issues of pets, and the need for the supplements as a preventive measure is further driving the growth of the pet dietary supplements market and is anticipated to witness a steady growth during the forecast period. In addition, processed pet foods that are available in the market include an additional amount of omega-6 fatty acids and very little amount of omega-3 and omega -9 fatty acids. owing to the lack of omega-3 and omega -9 fatty acids, manufacturers are now producing fatty acid supplements with omega-3 for dogs and cats made from fish oil and krill oil.

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The market for pet dietary supplements is exhibiting a steady growth at present and is likely to maintain a similar trend during the forecast period. Increasing interest towards pet food products coupled with increasing focus on pet dietary supplements for their health are some of the major factors responsible for the growth of the pet dietary supplements market. Increasing retail culture coupled with rapid penetration by the e-commerce companies are also driving the market at present.

Rising awareness about pet health and their wellness, pet owners are taking adequate steps to take care of their pets. Pet owners are avoiding pet food products due to its probiotic content and are switching to products with prebiotic content. Due to this factor the market for pet dietary supplements is growing significantly and is expected to have a significant growth during the forecast period. Factors such as easy availability of the products in several retail outlets are expected to encourage purchase of such products. In addition, internet retailing is also gaining prominence for the purchase of pet dietary supplements across different countries. Diversification of product portfolio through research and development activities along with company mergers and acquisitions are certain key strategies being adopted by the major companies to strengthen their foothold in the global pet dietary supplements market.

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