Reasons on Why New Zealand Rejected 5G Services from Huawei


Recently, the intelligence agency in New Zealand has rejected the first request of the telecom industry in the nature for using the 5G equipment, which was provided by China’s Huawei technologies Co Ltd. The telecommunications service provider, named Spark New Zealand Ltd who has made the request and further they would review the reasoning before considering any next steps.

This decision has come after the Western countries have become increasingly cautious of what the company say is quite possible concerning the involvement of the Chinese government in the 5G mobile and several other communication networks. Furthermore, Huawei has several times insisted that Beijing has no as such influence over all this.

In the first few months of this year,Australia had banned Huawei from offering their 5G equipment and also citing their security risks. Furthermore, in the last week, it has been observed that the Wall Street Journal has reported that the U.S. Government has been trying to persuade several companies in the allied countries to avoid the services and equipment that are being offered by Huawei.

Andrew Hampton, the Government Security Bureau Director General stated that they have informed Spark that a specific network security risk has been identified. The Intelligence service minister,Andrew Little further stated that Spark, who had given the first request for its application of 5G could further work with the agency in order to lessen risk. In addition to this, he has declined the giveaway the concerns stating that they are classified information.

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