Renewables Primed for Further Growth This Year

Renewables Primed for Further Growth This Year

Renewables, the much touted eco-friendly alternatives to highly polluting fossil fuels used for electricity to light up our homes and power vehicles and industries, have had a roller coaster ride in the year gone by – 2017. We saw how the US President Donald Trump backing out of the Paris Climate Agreement saying it is disadvantageous for the nation’s progress and thereby threatening the renewables sector.

Despite it, however, renewables soared with solar and wind accounting for a third of the capacity additions in the first nine months of 2017. They are supplanting nuclear energy much in the same way natural gas superseded coal many years back.

This is because, not just residential and public spaces, but corporate buyers too are keen on utilizing cleaner forms of energy. From Amazon and Facebook to General Motors and Walmart – all are keen on purchasing cleaner forms of energy or purchasing them.

From Pricing to Packaging – Everything to Receive a Boost

But how will 2018 be for the market? Here’s a lowdown:

In 2018, renewables utilities will focus on better marketing and pricing strategies in order to better retail pricing. Data gathered from smart meters is expected to better the process. They will offer anything ranging from tailor-made arrangements for large consumers to pre-packaged ones for their smaller counterparts. Utilities will also emphasize on adeptly presenting delivering a variety of energy solutions for meaningful customer relationships. They will also leverage data analytics.

Overall, the push for renewables will continue this year despite changing regulations.

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