Research Shows New Energy Configuration of Phonons in Nanocrystals


Phonons are extremely useful packets of quantum energy created by compressing a sound wave or a crystal lattice. The physical properties of several materials are determined by phonons, that are present in condensed matter. These phonons are responsible for light emission in nanotechnology, and hence, are nanocrystals are a key domain for the study of phonons. A synopsis of the research findings of an INRS team of researchers reveals key information about the energy dynamics of phonons in nanocrystals.

Research Methodology and Findings

The researchers stated that the response of the phonons in nanomaterials can be modified by exploiting the lowest energy point of the quantum system. A new hybrid of light and matter was generated in order to modify the response of the phonons. Plasmonic Nano-cavities that were specifically designed to function at terahertz frequencies were inserted with numerous semiconducting nanocrystals to reshape the response of nanomaterials phonons. The scientists concluded their research by stating that the new Nano-system with photon properties did not belong to the parent nanomaterial anymore. They asserted that their research has forged tangible results in the study of phonons.

Development of Nano-Photonics and Nano-Electronics

Nano-photonics as well as Nano-electronics are two fields that have undergone continual research to get closer to the study of particle physics. The nascent discoveries by the researchers holds tremendous value for these two field of analysis because phonons aid the study of several phenomena in these fields. Furthermore, the generation of terahertz light sources and quantum transducers would also gain momentum with the help of the research findings.

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