Safety Door Switch Market: Analysis by Global Segments, Region, Size and Forecast

In an era of rising crimes and constant privacy violation threats, mechanisms to ensure safety of one’s house is of prime importance. Not just that, proper door closing mechanism is also required in industrial automation processes. Improper functioning of the door lock can cause serious hazards.  Safety switches are interlocking gadgets used to monitor and lock machine guards, doors, gates, windows, jaws or other machinery to protect both people and machines.

A wide range of safety switches are available to detect unsafe conditions and confine control from the risk. Assurance that a machine stops when a door or a hatch is opened can be solved by using different types of switches which are monitored with a Safety Relay, Vital 1 or Safety PLC.  Safety door Switches are available both as non-contact (dynamic or magnetic) and various types of interlocking devices. Safety door Switches can be used when it is required, via a signal, to lock a gate during processes that cannot be stopped during certain operations. They are also used with machines that have a long stopping time.

Safety Door Switch Market: Dynamics

The need of automation in the modern day world is increasing at a very fast pace, driving the Safety Door Switch Market. Also, the demand for process optimization and high efficiency process ensure the usage of Safety Door Switch driving the market.

The complexity of safety door switch and improper understanding of the product poses a challenge to the market. Also different safety switches are meant for different purposes, a clear understanding of which is must.

The use of non-contact type safety door switch has been trending in the market.

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Safety Door Switch Market: Segmentation

The Global Safety Door Switch Market is segmented by Product Type, door type and lock type.

The Global Safety Door Switch Market is segmented by Product Type as-

  • Mechanical
  • Non-contact
    • Inductive
    • Magnetic

Non-contact magnetic safety door switches are used to monitor opening/closing of machine guards, doors or other machinery. These reliable magnetic reed switch units will tolerate some misalignment; physical contact is not required between the switch and actuator.

  • Capacitive
  • Ultrasonic
  • Optic
  • RFID

Non-contact RFID coded safety switches can monitor opening/closing of machine guards, doors, or other machinery. Radio-frequency identification provides the most tamper-proof protection; physical contact is not required between the switch and actuator and the wide sensing distance tolerates some misalignment.

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The Global Safety Door Switch Market is segmented by Door Type as-

  • Rattling door
  • Hinged Door

The Global Safety Door Switch Market is segmented by lock Type as-

  • Spring lock
  • Solenoid lock

Safety Door Switch Market: Regional Outlook

Geographically, the Global Safety Door Switch Market is designed for seven regions namely, North-America, Western Europe, Asia Pacific except Japan (APEJ), Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East & Africa and Japan. Currently North America holds the largest market share in the global Safety Door Switch Market followed by Europe and APEJ owing to high demand of automation solutions from manufacturing, and oil & gas verticals. APEJ is expected to exhibit high growth rate over the forecast period owing to growing automation in the region. The overall outlook for the global Safety Door Switch Market is positive over the forecast period.

Safety Door Switch Market: Key players

Some of the key market players in the global Safety Door Switch Market are-

  • Eaton Corporation Plc
  • Omron Corporation
  • Rockwell Automation
  • Line Seiki Co., Ltd
  • Euchner-USA, Inc.
  • Banner Engineering Corp.
  • Schneider Electric
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