Sandy Rivers Seem Like a Viable Source of Energy

Sandy Rivers

The Unites States has been on a constant lookout for finding new and efficient ways of producing renewable energy. Along similar lines, the viability of sandy rivers in producing energy has come to light in recent times, and is expected to bring about key developments in the energy domain. The adjustment of hydrokinetic energy converters in sandy rivers is projected to produce ample amount of energy and also limit the net carbon emissions. In the past, rivers with fixed beds have been tested for renewable energy, but the current research has dictated terms for producing energy through rivers with sandy beds. One of the key advantages of the new research is the production of energy without disrupting the geomorphic vicinity of the environment.

US to Emerge as Pioneer of River-Based Energy

It is expected that the US would produce 10% of its total energy through streams, tides, and rivers over the forthcoming years. Cross-flow and axial turbines will play a significant role in accomplishing the aforementioned projection, and the US has witnessed swift construction of dams and underwater wind farms to optimize energy production. However, a practical demonstration of the feasibility of rivers, streams, and water beds still remains under question. 

Genesis of Underwater Energy Farm

The scientists used laboratory tools and facilities to simulate an hydrokinetic power plant. These hydrokinetic channels were placed across several sandy river beds and channels to test the employability of the newly propagated idea. It is projected that the strategic placement of turbines would soon result in full-fledged production of energy in the coming years.

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