Seawater Algae – A Subject of Wonder in Creating Environment Friendly Plastic

Seawater Algae

The seven wonders of the water-world is still a fresh news for many. But not the scientific inventions that are recently listed in creating something out of nothing. The scientists at the Tel Aviv University have stated their recent research on seawater algae. They are working on microorganisms that feed on seawater algae of which a new biodegradable plastic could be made. With new processes, they are creating plastic that is made out of marine microorganisms. This is a perfect example of complete recycling since the core material used for creation could later turn into organic waste.

Developing Countries with Water Shortage Problems to Benefit from Bioplastic

Manufacturing companies in other parts of the world are also creating bioplastic. But the fact is that they create plastic out of plants living in freshwater and agricultural land instead of seawater algae. The new process proposed by researcher states a lot of nations with water shortage problems could find a valuable solution. Countries like India and China, with water shortage problems can switch to biodegradable plastic instead of plastics derived from petroleum. The biodegradable plastic will not only save their day with all the basic properties of plastic but will also save the environment by cutting down petroleum use. There is a possibility of saving fossil fuels for the future generation as well.

Scientists of the Tel Aviv University are still continuing with their research in order to find the most suitable microorganism such as algae or bacteria for creating polymers for bioplastic. Researchers at the United States are also making similar efforts with the potential to create biodegradable plastic that is not only harmless for the environment but also efficient in terms of uses.

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