Shower Gel Market: Analysis of Prevailing Trends in the Parent Market

Shower gel also known as shower cream is a liquid product used to clean the body. In the world of skin care where sweat, dirt, and oil are the biggest concerns, shower gel is becoming a fast and convenient option for a quick clean feel. It is different from traditional bar soaps which are formed by a process of saponification of liquid fats such as vegetable oils or animal fats by alkali usually sodium hydroxide. Shower gels on the other hand generally contain a foaming ingredient, water, and betaine, the chemical component that helps to stick all other ingredients together. A shower gel has a strong scent and smells like a perfume. Shower gels are becoming a better alternative to traditional bar soaps. These gels are very easy to use if stored in the place specified. Shower gel is used with a bath sponge/scrubber and is very easy to use. Shower gels are being used by almost every age group including kids and infants.

Also, some consumers maintain that traditional bar soaps harbor bacteria on its surface, especially when another person uses the same bar. However, there is no such issue related to shower gels. Furthermore, manufacturers have opportunities for expansion permitting them to charge higher prices and thus increase their overall revenue in case of liquid shower gels. With growing awareness, consumers are spending huge amounts of money on health and skin care, especially urban consumers where the adoption of shower gel is much higher. This is expected to boost the global shower gel market during the forecast period.

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The main drivers for growth of shower gels include growing availability of shower gels in malls and supermarkets and their ease of use compared to traditional bar soaps. Consumers are finding that traditional soaps make the skin dry by stripping out the moisture, due to presence of sodium hydroxide. This has led to growth in demand for shower gels as they hydrate the skin due to presence of various oils and moisturizers.

Shower gels are different from body wash especially in terms of texture. While body wash is more like liquefied soaps in texture, shower gels have a gel like evenness. Both shower gel and body wash come with different fragrances and colors. Shower gels usually have a greater percentage of scent than body washes.

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The main components of shower gels are surfactant (for emulsification), humectant (prevent the problem of degrease, removes skin moisture and gloss), active substance (to prevent skin dryness) and preservatives, flavors and coloring agents (to increase overall quality of the product).The global shower gel market can be categorized on the basis of type, application, and region. In the global shower gel market, the type segment can further be classified into surfactant type, soap type and others. On the basis of application segment, the market can again be categorized into kids, women, and men. On the basis of geography, the global shower gel market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America.

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