Siemens Gamesa Supplies 16 Turbines to 4 Onshore Projects in Germany

Siemens Gamesa Supplies 16 Turbines to 4 Onshore Projects in Germany

Siemens Gamesa has recently announced that it will supply 16 wind turbines featuring a 50.6 megawatts capacity to onshore projects in three locations. The company qualified all the site requirements by virtue of their flexible technology and individualized planning. The four new projects are situated in Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, and Schleswig-Holstein. The orders include four advanced SWT-3.6-130, one SWT-3.2-113, and eleven SWT-3.0-113 turbines. These projects are expected to be commissioned in 2017.

Turbine in Geestpark Almdorf to Feature Sensors and Customized Lighting

A gearless wind turbine of the SWT-3.2-113 type is expected to replace a 2002-installed turbine in Northern Frisia. Another turbine in Geestpark Almdorf is 92.5 meters high, with a 113 meters of diameter, reaching overall height of 149 meters. Customized lighting will be incorporated in the turbine in order to enhance the safety of aircraft that often passes by from Husum airport. The turbine is also possess sensors to control the night identification lights, ensuring that they get switched on automatically as an aircraft approaches.

Four New SWT-3.0-113 to be Installed at Süderauerdorf Project

Another four new turbines of the type SWT-3.0-113 are to be installed near Glückstadt, at a wind project called Süderauerdorf. The project venue is situated on either sides of an A20 motorway that is expected to be built across the Elbe river within the next few years. Also, Siemens Gamesa will be in charge of the maintenance and service operations at the Süderauerdorf wind farm for the next 20 years.

Furthermore, the wind farms located in Ladelund and Karlum municipalities are benefiting from Siemens Gamesa via the expected installation of seven new SWT-3.0-113 turbines. Nearly 280 limited partners belonging to three surrounding communities are participating in the project.

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