Something Wild Beverages to Launch its Wattleseed Lager Soon

Something Wild Beverages to Launch its Wattleseed Lager Soon

Following the introduction of its green ant gin, the Something Wild Beverages will be launching a beer made up of seeds of wattle. The indigenous beverage company is going to unveil its Wattleseed Lager officially at an event in Darwin on July 4, 2017. This beer has been brewed by Mismatch Brewing Co. in the Adelaide Hills. The wattleseed has been roasted, milled, and then added to the brew in the end of the mash.

Taking several examples, such as Judas the Dark by Woolshed Brewery and Wattle Seed Ale by Aus Beer Co., in consideration, the wattleseed and brew amalgam is not new in Australia. The seed of the Australian floral emblem has always been a part of the diet of indigenous citizens of Australia for hundreds of years and was conventionally ground into flour.

Craft Beer Bars Begun Serving Wattleseed Lager

Mismatch Brewing Co. operates in the collaboration with Hills Cider Co. and Adelaide Hills Distillery. Toby Kline from Mismatch Brewing stated that some kegs of the Lager have already been served at craft beer bars. He further added that the subtle nutty aroma of coffee and chocolate of wattleseed when roasted is well suited for the brewing process.

Something Wild Beverages, based in Adelaide, is a sister concern of the local food firm, Something Wild Australia, which majors in the sustainably obtained indigenous foods, such as magpie goose, wallaby, kangaroo, and native fruits and herbs. The Motlops has the most prominent stake in Something Wild, who are committed to endorsing the sustainable, ethical, and permitted usage of local Australian ingredients.

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