Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

A study conducted at Uppsala University expounds that the Nordic countries could meet their energy requirements by solely depending upon renewable energy. One of the lead researchers stated that despite the difficulties associated with shifting energy needs on the renewable sector, it is still an effective and useful resort for the countries. The main problem of relying on renewable energy is that electricity requirements are pervasive and timeless. The energy

Renewable Energy

Portugal has made big news this month in the renewable energy industry. As this month, the average renewable energy generation has exceeded around 103% of consumption. In the last four decades, this has been marked for the first time, where more than 100% of electricity has been produced from renewables. The data has been recorded by Redes Energeticaas Nacionais, which is Portugal’s transmission system operator. Several other sites, such as

renewable resources

Researchers alert the masses and industries about the cautious usage of renewable resources, even though several types of models are predicting the important usage of renewables in 2050. The extent of UK energy provided by renewable power sources is expanding each year; in 2017 solar, biomass, wind, and hydroelectricity created as much energy as was expected to power the entire Britain in year 1958. In any case, how much the

Renewable Energy Trends in 2018

In 2018, a number of trends in the renewables and other energy space are expected to float around. The advancements in the digital grid will surely lead but there will some other important trends too to keep a close eye on where the sustainable energy is concerned. Here are the three most prominent 2018 renewable energy trends: The knowledge of energy storage: With large pool of people taking up the

New 1GW Project Helps New York Inch Close to Renewable Energy Goal

In a recent offshore wind conference held in New York on October 24, Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul has reiterated that New York is committed to the Paris climate agreement despite what is going on the U.S. capital. The one reason why this is possible that the development of the wind energy sector has not become a political issue in the state. Hochul has noted that she believes New York in