Teijin Launches New Coating Technology for Automobile Windows

Teijin Launches New Coating Technology for Automobile Windows

Japan-based leading producer of advanced fibers and composites, Teijin Ltd., recently announced the launch of its newest hard-coating technology specially designed for large, complex polycarbonate automotive windows. Featuring high resistance to abrasion, the new technology does not only meet the quality standards of Japanese framework, but also those of the European Union (EU) and the U.S.

New Technology Can Coat Complex Curves, Greater Glazing Size

In collaboration with Tsukishima Kikai Co., Ltd., Teijin has developed a plasma CVD plant which is capable of treating large-sized, 3D-molded plastic automobile windows. A uniform coating can be achieved by leveraging this technology in glazing sized more than 1 m2. Moreover, the complex curves including those of the rear windows are also easily coated at the Teijin pilot plant.

The resistance to UV discoloration can be almost doubled by a wet coat of plasma CVD layer. The company has been verifying the new technology’s capacity for mass production of a variety of car windows. Teijin has also been planning to launch full-fledged commercial manufacturing. Teijin Kasei America, the company’s branch in the U.S. supplying PC sheets, film, and resin, might also undertake production of this hard-coating technology.

Teijin’s Innovation Spurred by Need to Adhere to New Standards

Conventionally, application of a layer of wet hard-coat over the plastic has been the primary method of protecting PC glazing from UV-induced yellowing and abrasion. Teijin believes that this procedure does not adhere to the new safety standards which are to take effect from July 2017 in the automotive sector.

Another technology that uses a hard coating consisting of plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (CVD) is also used. However, the size of the window should be around 0.3 m2. Additionally, plasma CVD is difficult to apply to complex curved surfaces. As a result, the need for a more practicable, efficient technology was addressed by Teijin.

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