Thanks to Tesla, Power is Back at Children’s Hospital in Puerto Rico

Thanks to Tesla, Power is Back at Children's Hospital in Puerto Rico

Entrepreneur Elon Musk, best known as the CEO of companies such as Tesla Inc. and SpaceX, has kept on with his promise of boosting power resources in Puerto Rica after it was hit by two powerful and devastating hurricanes in the month of September this year. Tesla has restored reliable electricity at Hospital del Nino, a San Juan-based children’s hospital, using solar panels and batteries. According to Musk, this is also the first of many solar+battery projects by Tesla to go live.

Tesla has announced that the company was able to get the hospital’s electricity supply working again in less than three week’s from the talks regarding help in rebuilding the US territory’s infrastructure officially began. Musk has also donated US$250,000 of his own to back humanitarian practices in Puerto Rico where a large number of people were stripped of their access to electricity by the recent hurricanes.

The new electricity system established in the hospital, thanks to Tesla’s efforts, has capacity enough to generate the amount of energy that is needed in the hospital. The hospital has 35 permanent patients with chronic diseases and also offers services to nearly 3,000 children, mentioned El Nuevo Dia – Puerto Rico’s newspaper with the highest circulation. As for who is bearing the cost of the power system, the hospital’s head has told Nuevo Dia that it is a donation for now and a deal could make the project permanent after the energy crisis comes to an end.

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