Thinfilm Memory Market – Aided by Attractive Opportunities Owing to the Rising Demand and High Performance


Thin film memory offers significant advantages over any other electronic verification solution and gives a highly secure label through the use of proprietary printed electronics technology. It is the world’s only printed rewritable non-volatile memory. It consists of permalloy, ferromagnetic material deposited on a substrate of thin glass. The pattern is determined by the shape of the mask. The thickness of each magnetized area is controlled by the amount of time the shutter opens.This thin film memory is also used in high speed projects.

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One of the main driving force of thin-film memory is the growing demand from the end user. The demand of thin film memory from the end user is responsible for the growth of thin film memory market at a very swift pace in the future. In addition, low manufacturing cost, environment friendly technology, growing demand for flexible electronics have escalated the growth of Thin Film Memory market. In addition, it also supports the integration with other electronic component and sensors and can be produced using high volume, roll to roll printing.

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The global thin film memory market is segmented on the basis of end use industry and geography. On the basis of end use industry, the market is segmented into automotive, electronics, consumer applications and others.In addition, thin film delivers critical verification and security capabilities to the pharmaceutical sector.Thin film memory products include 20 bit thin film memory in production for consumer application like loyalty cards, games and toys, info kiosks and many more .

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