Ultra-Secure Smartphone Market-The Advanced Privacy Technology

Global Ultra-Secure Smartphone Market: Overview

Smartphones are the most multipurpose handheld devices in today’s world that contains a third-party applications or features extending the wide functionality of the device. The technological enhancement in the mobile internet services such as 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi have smartphones as an essential part of individual’s life. The increasing use of smartphones and technologies are vulnerable to security attacks and other malwares. In recent years, the usage of smartphones has increased due to the increasing trends of data sharing, gaming, and other entertainment application software, being responsible for the security breach of the smartphones. To avoid this, ultra-secure smartphone are enabled with ultra-secure smartphone technologies. The ultra-secure smartphone are developed in order to prevent data leakage compared to normal smartphones. Ultra-secure smartphone are built up with real time and end to end encryption of voice calls, SMS, emails, and other data transmission files with the use of elliptical curve cryptography, tough hardware with securely manufactured and the hardened operating system. Currently for most of the smartphones, the authentication techniques used are pattern, pin and password. However, these authentication techniques are less secured since guessing and brute forcing such authentication can be easily broken. Also the viruses, trojans and the malware that are based on application program interface of the smartphone have been developed. These application uses user’s secure data without the knowledge of user, thereby breaching the user’s security breach.

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Global Ultra-Secure Smartphone Market: Drivers and Restraints

Vulnerabilities, data privacy, and authentications are some of the major issues of security. Users want to protect their data, thus data privacy and authentications being one of the greatest concern for the smartphone users. The ultimate solution to the authentication problem may be overcome and smartphones can be saved from the security breach. The major driver that boosts the growth of the ultra-secure smartphone are the advanced privacy technology, and advanced encryption standard security provided with the smartphone. One of the major restraints that restricts the growth of the ultra-secure smartphone is the limited access to applications, software and other utilities. Due to this, the user cannot access other software or applications apart from those that are pre-installed in the Ultra-secure smartphone. Since there is a risk involved in the use of the other untrusted software and applications that might break the security of the smartphones. However, due to the increasing security threats and theft of stealing data from the smartphones, the users tends to buy the more secured smartphones, thus boosting the growth of ultra-secure smartphone market. Some of the leading companies are continuously working to provide the ultra-security smartphones and makes the communication as safe as that of aerospace and defense communication.

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