Use of Bioethanol in Diesel Engines Increases Efficiency


The properties of ethanol have been studied for a long time now, and the primary reason behind such exhaustive studies is to excavate the potential held by ethanol for climate protection. An advanced diesel engine developed at TU Wien can run on 70% bioethanol, a commendable value for the energy sector. The engine developed by TU Wien simultaneously deploys two fuels viz. diesel and bioethanol, the former being used for ignition. Furthermore, in order to facilitate the combustion of bioethanol in diesel engines, a dual-fuel combustion process has also been developed by the researchers. It has recently come to light that this engine tremendously enhances the engine’s efficiency while also bringing down the net CO2 emissions by 39%.

Development of Dual-Combustion Process

The new engine developed at the center will also be a media to alleviate the impact of greenhouse gases and pollutants suspended in the air. One of the professors at TU Wien explained that the use of bioethanol petrol engines has been a common practice across multiple regions; however, the use of bio-ethanol in diesel engines hasn’t taken swing. There has to be a proper mechanism to ensure that the addition of bioethanol to diesel engines results in smooth ignition and functioning of engines.

Future of Automotive Sector

The researchers at TU Wien conducted a range of tests to see the impact of bio-ethanol on diesel engines, and the results suggested that the efficiency of the engine greatly increases on addition of the alcoholic group. The dual-fuel technology is projected to generate commendable opportunities in the global automotive sector.

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