Vaccine Carriers Market By Technology, By Application & By End User Industry

Vaccine carriers have a low volume which makes them easy to carry for health workers during vaccination campaigns and out-reach services where refrigeration and ice are not available.

Vaccine carriers are designed and manufactured using WHO guidelines and international standards for storage and transport of vaccines. Coolant packs are added to vaccine carriers as accessories which provide cooling energy for a limited period. The vaccine storage capacity of the vaccine carrier is 0.1 to 5 litres. Cold life of the vaccine carrier is measured from the moment the lid is closed and the empty container is stabilised at 43°C and loaded with ice packs which maintain the container at +5°C for a minimum of 24 hours. The temperature of the water pack is pre-cooled to the temperature between +2°C and +8°C before use.

Vaccine carriers market: Dynamics

The cold chain market is expected to grow during the forecast period which will lead to the increase of vaccine carriers market. The increased demand for effective cold chain solutions in the pharmaceutical sector paves a path for vaccine carriers market by providing medical help in the remote areas. Vaccine carriers are an ideal choice for the storage and transportation of vaccines and diluents to an out-reach service due to its outstanding features such as high-quality insulating material, light in weight, robustness, and insulation from external heat environments. Primary drivers of the vaccine carriers market are reliability, efficiency, easy to handle and sturdily built properties.

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The vaccine carrier lid provides an airtight seal to the container protecting the contents from the external environment. Phase change material (PCM) is a passive cooling storage alternative for ice packs. Solidly frozen PCM packs hold more cooling power than ice. PCM packs are ideal to use because they can freeze at a vaccine-safe temperature of 5°C. The surge in the incidences of infectious diseases is likely to spur the demand for vaccines which will help the growth of vaccine carriers market in the coming years. 

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